Tasty Turkey: the Flavours of Bodrum

on the beachAs well as for its picturesque hills, cliffs and sublimely beautiful beaches, Turkey is famous for its exotic and inviting culture. Turkish holiday hotspots have all the advantages of a classic Mediterranean beach haven, with a unique Middle Eastern twist. There’s no better way to get a complete taste of Turkey’s unique culture, than by sampling the traditional cuisine of gorgeous tourist towns like Bodrum.

Bodrum is a charming city that lies on the Bodrum Peninsula, on Turkey’s western Aegean Coastline. Not only do the stunning coastal vistas around Bodrum make some of the most beautiful views of the Mediterranean, but Bodrum’s richly diverse cultural history has infused its cuisine with a fantastic variety of delicious flavours.

Turkey, lying as it does between Asia and Europe, has developed a cuisine that fuses and refines some of the very best of world foods. Bodrum restaurants serve a wide range of meat, fish and vegetable dishes to suit any traveller. The main characterising aspect of Bodrum cuisine is its specialisation in fresh ingredients. Bodrum dishes are known for being fantastically fresh and healthy, as well as supremely delicious.

Fresh vegetables are some of the most valuable ingredients in Bodrum cooking. Veg dishes are often roasted or cooked with local olive oil, and prepared with local wild plants like chicory, radish leaves and bull marrow.

A particular favourite amongst the Turks, that has become popular all around the world, is the doner kebab. Although the UK equivalents use heavily processed ingredients, proper Turkish kebabs in Bodrum use delicious fresh meats cooked to perfection on a slow roasting spit, and served with onions, salad and local Pide bread.

For desert, two uniquely Bodrum classics are sweet pastry dishes; Sarayli and Katmer. Bodrum deserts are often served with Turkish style tea or coffee, which is itself a distinctive experience. Turkish teas and coffees are served black, with huge amounts of milk. They’re also served in either little tulip shaped glasses, or tiny cups.

Bodrum is bursting with fantastic restaurants and cafes, about which you can read more through On the Beach Reviews. Bodrum has become a favourite with On the Beach travellers thanks to the fantastic beaches that line the city’s waterfront. On the Beach Reviews can help lead you to the best hotels and travel deals around Bodrum.

The Wonders of the Aegean

on the beachThe Aegean Sea is equal parts enchantingly fascinating as it is staggeringly beautiful. The birthplace of so many modern ideas we take for granted today, the Aegean can truly be considered the birthplace of our European culture. All around the Aegean, spectacular historic remains reflect the area’s awe inspiring past, and make the perfect beach holiday destination for intrepid travellers to explore.

Whilst exploring the Aegean, your mind will boggle at the sheer wealth of incredible ancient monuments there are to enjoy, ranging from original wonders of the world, to even more unique cultural gems.


For enchanting cultural wonders, then you can’t find much better than Mykonos. Whilst the island itself is a beautiful seaside haven, surrounded by smooth sandy beaches, the surrounding islands are overflowing with fascination. The nearby isle of Delos in particular, is utterly enchanting. On Delos you can see the remnants of forums and theatres that represent both the origins of democracy and drama.


On the coast of Turkey, Bodrum is a beautiful town overflowing his epic historical marvels. Just a stone’s throw from Bodrum you’ll find two of the original Seven Wonders of the World. Although the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus and the Temple of Artemis at Ephesus are both long ruined, the sites still maintain a sense of wonder. And, around the town of Bodrum, you can in fact still see the original stones of these wonders recycled into the walls of the modern city.


On mainland Greece, the beautiful surroundings of Halkidiki, sometimes Chalkidiki, offers a more relaxing and thoughtful side to sightseeing in the Aegean. The gentle, olive grove clad countryside of the Kassandra Peninsula hides a myriad of pretty and isolated beaches. Nearby you can witness some of the oldest surviving mosaic art in Europe at the excavations of Olynthos. Halkidiki, as the birthplace of ground breaking early philosopher Aristotle, is also the perfect place to relax and reflect philosophically on the marvels of the wondrous Aegean Sea.

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The Glorious Flavours of Goan Cuisine

Whilst Indian cuisine is universally famous for its vibrant palate of spicy curries, Goa’s unique heritage has influenced the region into giving a unique twist to traditional Indian food. As well as being one of the most naturally beautiful regions in Asia, the distinctive local flavours of Goa make it a really wonderful place to visit.

on the beachThe distinctive character of Goan cuisine is thanks to the region’s unique relationship with other cultures. Goa was actually part of the Portuguese empire for many hundreds of years. Since the 16th century, Goa has been strongly influenced by the culture and heritage of its Portuguese colonists.

Whilst ancient Goa followed traditional Indian cooking techniques, the Portuguese added two distinctive elements to Goan restaurants: chilli and a love of fish. Chilli was introduced to Goa by the Portuguese from Brazil in the 16th century and was an immediate hit. Today, unlike the rest of India which tends to opt for more traditional Asian spices, chilli is the most important spice in Goan cooking.

The Portuguese also influenced Goans with their love of fish. Whilst traditional Indian curries tended to prefer using meats, Goa, with its extensive coastline, was ideal for the introduction of fish dishes. One of the most popular culinary exports from Goa today is the prawn Vindaloo. Britain, the USA and Australia have developed a particular love with vindaloo curry, which is actually a Portuguese name derived from the Portuguese for garlic and wine.

Thanks to the eclectic mix of influences, modern Goa offers a wide array of food to suit any palate. So, whilst curry fanatics will leap at the opportunity to try an authentic Goan vindaloo, those not in to spicy foods can find plenty of tasty alternatives.

The beach travel experts at On the Beach Reviews know that there’s no better way to enjoy the glorious flavours of Goan food than whilst sitting out gazing upon the beautiful coastal views of Goa’s many pristine beaches. On the Beach Reviews provide all the help and information you need to find the very best restaurants and most beautiful beaches in Goa to make your dreams a reality. And, thanks to the fantastic deals available through the On the Beach website, your luxury holiday to Goa is more affordable than you think.

The Neapolitan Riviera: A Different Side of Italy

Whilst Rome and Venice may be the most famous metropolises of Italy, the country’s southern Neapolitan Riviera is a gorgeous stretch of charming coastal scenery. Far from the busy hustle and bustle of northern destinations, southern Italy is quiet and utterly delightful. Every bend around every coastal lane reveals another wonderful seaside vista. With supremely beautiful scenery, enchanting quiet Italian villages, and even some of Italy’s most spectacular remains, the Neapolitan Riviera is truly one of the Mediterranean’s’ most beautiful beach bound destinations.

For beach lovers, the Neapolitan Riviera represents a true taste of paradise. All along the region’s picturesque coastline you will find pretty coves and shining golden beaches that descend gently towards the Mediterranean’s warm and inviting blue seas. Whether you’re looking for friendly family fun, or a secluded quiet getaway, you’re sure to find your own idea of heaven near Naples.

on the beachJust a short trip across the Gulf of Naples you’ll find an even more idyllic spot. The Isle of Capri is a charming tree clad outcrop that hides all manner of secret delights. With its own array of hotels and restaurants, the Isle of Capri is a lovely place to spend the day whilst exploring southern Italy.

Whilst far from the more developed north, the Neapolitan Riviera is not without its own cultural charms. In fact, Naples is home to one of the most remarkable archaeological sites in the world: the lost city of Pompeii. Buried beneath the ash of a sudden volcanic eruption; Pompeii remained untouched, and in utterly remarkable condition, for thousands of years. Today, you can explore a whole Roman world, marvelling at the wall paintings, and even the graffiti, of people alive two thousand years ago.

Once you’ve had enough of ancient relics, you’ll find the Neapolitan Riviera can also boast plenty of Italy’s modern sumptuous culture. The city of Naples is famous for its incredible pizzas, and along the coast you will find some of the most delicious pasta dishes in Italy.

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Cyprus’ Most Brilliant Beaches

Nestled amid glistening azure seas, Cyprus is one of the Mediterranean’s most beautiful locations. Cyprus is overflowing with gorgeous vistas and enchanting culture to discover. Cypress has so many stunning beaches to enjoy however, that you’ll struggle to drag yourself away from the sublime seaside bliss of Cyprus’ wonderful beaches.

Nissi Beach, Ayia Napa

On the BeachThis is Cyprus’ very best party beach. The firm favourite of young and exuberant party goers, Nissi Beach is strewn with lively bars, cafes and clubs that keep the music ringing out over the sands from sunset to sunrise.

Coral Bay, Peyia

The opposite of Nissi Beach, Coral Bay is the ideal spot for families. Situated in a gentle horseshoe bay, the waters of Coral Bay are calm and safe and warm for swimming and paddling. The sands of Coral Bay are soft, and the many charming cafes and restaurants lining the bay are ideal for feeding your family.

Lara Bay, Akamas Peninsular

Lara Bay is a calm, deserted beach paradise. Off the beaten track, you need to hire a 4×4 to get to this secluded beach. Once you’re there you’ll see the journey was more than worth it. You’re greeted to a sweeping stretch of deserted sands, perfect for a bit of seclusion and utter relaxation. At the right time of year you’ll even see green turtles that still use the sands of Lara Bay to lay their eggs.

Aphrodite’s Rock Beach, Paphos

Named after the ancient goddess of love, Aphrodite’s Rock Beach makes for the perfect romantic getaway. Whilst the beach is comfortably sandy, the surrounded craggy outcrops create dramatic vistas that give the beach such an evocative feel. The calm and beautifully clear waters of Aphrodite’s Rock Beach are also ideal for snorkelling.

The water quality of every Cyprian beach has recently been rated ‘Excellent’ by the European Environment Agency, this means that, wherever you choose, you can be sure of pleasant conditions. On the Beach Reviews is a great guide to the best resorts for enjoying Cyprus’ most popular beaches. Thanks to specialist beach holiday experts like On the Beach, you can find a wide range of affordable flight and accommodation deals. By reading On the Beach Reviews, you can make sure you make the most of your dream beach holiday getaway to sublime Cyprus.

The Many Sides of Cyprus

On the BeachA beautiful island situated amid glistening crystal seas, Cyprus is one of the jewels of the Mediterranean. Cyprus is a gorgeous island full of surprises, with enough cultural delights, adventures and beautiful beaches to please absolutely any traveller. Cyprus is an island where you can be sure to forge fantastic memories on your perfect sunny seaside beach getaway.

The countryside of Cyprus is a wonderland of rolling cypress clad hillsides, smothered in smouldering Mediterranean sunshine. As the third largest island in the Mediterranean, the lush landscapes of Cyprian mountains are perfect for hiking and cycling adventures.

Amid the endlessly picturesque scenery of Cyprus, connoisseurs of ancient cultures will find a fascinating array of age old monuments. Cyprus has a long and vibrant history, in particular boasting a series of awe inspiring Bronze Age ruins and palaces. Cyprus is a land of epic tales, and the mythological birthplace of Aphrodite: the goddess of love.

If you’re more into modern culture, Cyprus doesn’t disappoint either. Cyprus’ towns are welcoming and vibrant, bursting with fantastic restaurants and boasting a lively nightlife of bars and clubs. The country’s capital Nicosia is a friendly town is plenty of fun to be had, whether you want to browse for bargains in shops, indulge some sumptuous local cuisine, or party until sunset in a stylish bar.

The crowning glory of Cyprus however, is its incredible pristine coastline. As an island, Cyprus is surrounded on all sides by some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe.

The supreme quality of Cyprus’ beaches has recently been attested to through a European Environment Agency study into beach cleanliness that awarded every single beach on the island an ‘excellent’ rating. This means that Cyprus can be officially considered to have the cleanest water in the whole of Europe. Wherever you choose to visit on Cyprus, you can be sure to enjoy genuinely pure waters.

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Things to do in Miami Beach | On the Beach

With blazing sunshine and marvellous sweeping sands, flanked by a rich array of metropolitan bars, restaurants and shops, Miami Beach is both a busy city, and a chilled out beach destination.

On the BeachBuilt on a barrier island just opposite the larger Miami City, Miami Beach is a custom designed beach lover’s paradise, and the ideal On the Beach destination. Although the far-reaching stretch of golden shoreline is Miami Beach’s main attraction, there are so many other things to see and do around Miami Beach that you’ll want to return again and again. To make the most of your Florida adventure, On the Beach Reviews are packed with activities and advice.

Tour Ocean Drive

Running along South Beach is the world famous thoroughfare . Built in the 20s, Ocean Drive is a gorgeous row of wonderful art deco design. Strolling down the row, stopping off to visit the many stylish bars and classy hotels, is like stepping back in time to the bold and bright years of the roaring 20s.

Catch some Live Music

Miami Beach is bursting with brilliant art and music. The city comes to life at night and you will find fantastic live music venues all along the beach front. The Cabaret is one venue particularly popular with tourists where, in any given night, you can enjoy singers, bands, and even burlesque and circus acts.

Miami Beach Botanical Garden

Amid all the bustle of the vibrant city, Miami Beach hides a beautiful and serene garden. The Miami Beach Botanical Garden may be small, but it is bursting with life and colour. You can find all manner of tropical plant life as well as an array of innovative art projects hidden amid the vivid foliage.

Relax on the Beach

Running along the entire length of the city, Miami Beach’s beaches are warm and friendly communal hang out spots. From north to south you can splash in the sea, sunbathe in the sand, or even join in a game of beach volleyball. Whatever activities you choose to do in Miami Beach, you can be sure they all end with you sitting down and relaxing on the beach.

To find more things to do around Miami Beach, as well as details on all the best hotel and travel deals, On the Beach Reviews is a brilliant resource for any eager traveller.

5 Most Relaxing Destinations around the World | On the Beach

Holidays are meant for relaxation. The expert team at On the Beach Reviews know there’s no better way to shrug away your worries of day to day living, than by kicking back and lounging beneath the sun on your own beach paradise.

On the BeachWhen finding your ideal beach getaway, calmness, peace and quiet are important. You don’t want to wrestle through hustle and bustle, the best beach destinations have plenty of room for you to find your own slice of relaxing isolation.

On the Beach Reviews are compiled by experts and can lead you to discovering the very best beach holiday destinations that will perfectly suit your own tastes. As well as introducing you to the most quiet and relaxing beaches, On the Beach’s fantastic range of affordable offers allow you to enjoy the best destinations without worrying about the expense.

5 of the most relaxing beach destinations include;


The most beautiful island of Cape Verde, Sal is isolated, calm and ringed with a halo of golden sands. Sal enjoys gorgeous weather all year round, and is home to mile upon mile of totally deserted sandy beach. The reliable ocean breezes of Sal also make it ideal to try your hand at surfing.

The Bahamas

The quintessential tropical paradise, Bahamas is a rich archipelago of palm tree clad islets. Comprising of over 700 islands, each home to its own unique natural beauty, there’s plenty of room around the Bahamas to find your own private slice of luxury.


One of India’s most beautiful coastlines, Goa is a land of ancient culture scattered with many palm shaded coves. In the 60s, North Goa became a particular favourite with travelling hippies, giving the region a uniquely chilled out charm today.

Port El Kantaoui

On the lesser visited Tunisian coast of the Mediterranean, Port El Kantaoui is a destination for the more discerning traveller. With berths for luxury yachts, Port El Kantaoui’s endless stretches of Tunisian sands provide the perfectly sumptuous conditions to lay back and relax.


On the Indian Ocean coast, the beaches of Mombasa are Kenya’s hidden gem. Because Kenya is most famous for its fabulous safaris, many travellers forget about the beautiful beach haven of Mombasa.

On the Beach | Wonderful Wildlife of Mombasa

Mombasa is the second largest city of Kenya, and ideal for a beach getaway. A vibrant modern city, situated between golden coasts and captivating savannah, Mombasa is sure to have something to please anyone.  

One of Kenya’s most unique and popular attractions is its incredible wildlife. Home to some of Africa’s most famous creatures, Kenya can also some of the best kept, and most tourist friendly, parks and wildlife reserves in Africa, making it the perfect place for animal lovers. Mombasa has so much spectacular wildlife to behold, on the savannah as well as the seaside, that you’ll never forget your visit.


On the Beach Massive, yet mysterious land mammals, elephants are utterly spellbinding to behold. Shimba Hills National Reserve is a particularly fine place to spot elephants roaming free through the wilderness, and it only a short drive away from Mombasa.

Black and White Colobus Monkeys

Not quite as epic as elephants, Colobus monkeys are charming little creatures that live all over Kenya. Rather than needing to spend hours trampling through the savannah, Colobus monkeys love living in the tropical woods that fringe the shorelines of Mombasa’s gorgeous beaches. Through On the Beach Reviews, you can find the best beaches to lay back on luxurious sands and watch the charming Colobus monkeys playing.


The flamingo is just one of the many bright and brilliant birds that you can find on a trip to Kenya. Thanks to their bright pink feathers, caused by the food they eat, witnessing a massive flock of flamingos is truly spectacular. Kenya is also home to many other exotic birds, as well as many British birds that fly south to Africa for the winter.


From the fabulous to the fierce; Kenya has it all, and they don’t come much fiercer than crocodiles. Crocodiles are enormous and powerful lizards. Although you might not want to meet one in the wild, Mombasa’s Mamba Village is Kenya’s largest crocodile farm, and the perfect place to enjoy these incredible creatures in complete safety.

Attractions from Shimba Hills Reserve, to Diani Beach are all in easy reach of Mombasa. Exploring around the area is simple and safe if you follow the travel advice provided by On the Beach Reviews. Compiled by holiday experts, they can also help you find great deals to Mombasa through the On the Beach website.

On the Beach | Discovering the Sights of Cuba

You’ll find nowhere in the world quite like Cuba. Isolated from the rest of the world for decades, Cuba’s unique perspective is built from its people’s innovative and quirky solutions to its economic challenges. Today, you’ll find the scenery of Cuba looking like a time capsule, but with a community that’s wonderfully modern and artistic, with a vibrant Latin flare.

On The Beach

The unique sights of Cuba range from the fascinating, to the quirky. Whilst there, make sure you don’t miss these idiosyncratic sights;

Yank Tanks

The USA has denied international imports to Cuba since 1960, meaning locals have had to keep their same old cars running for five decades. The result of the embargo is the amazing sight of hundreds of classic car models zipping through the streets. Car lovers can’t cease to be amazed at the many lovingly maintained classic cars known locally as ‘Yank Tanks’.


Despite the economic hardships, Cuba is a thriving area with plenty to offer. As well as their distinctive, Latin inspired, music and food, Cuba leads the world of dance. Whilst in any bar you’ll find great Cuban Dancers, it’s been in ballet where the Cubans have astonishingly shone. Although a little nation, the Cuban National Ballet School is the largest in the world, and is leading the way, revolutionising the traditional European world of classical ballet. From the Cuban National Ballet, Carlos Acosta is currently one of the greatest dancers in the world.


Havana is an incredible city with some of the Caribbean’s best surviving examples of colonial architecture. Home to tales of piratical adventure and revolutionary daring, Havana is an exotic and vibrant city that evokes all of the Caribbean’s most thrilling history.

The Beaches

Unspoilt by large scale tourism, Cuba’s beaches are some of the most pristine and charming in the world. Enjoying balmy tropical weather and gorgeous Caribbean views, the less-developed coastline of Cuba makes the perfect place to escape from life’s pressures and enjoy the genuinely relaxing and delightful world of Cuba.

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